Our Services

Medical And Surgical

Orr Animal Hospital utilizes and recommended the highest quality products for your pet making their lifes better and your life easier.»    Surgery (routine and advanced with CO2 laser, electrocautery and Ligasure available)

»    Orthopedic
»    Fracture repair, Cruciate ligament repair, amputations, Femoral head ostectomy(FHO)
»    Soft Tissue
»    Routine Spay and Neuter
»    Declaw
»    Mass Removal
»    Abdominal Exploratory
»    Corrective skin fold reduction 
»    Entropion / Ectropion
»    Eye removal
»    Ear hematoma repair
»    Anal Sac tumor removal

Donation services

It's no secret that treating animals is a costly procedure. Sometimes the cost of an operation for a cat or dog is no less than an operation for a person. That is why we always need support from sponsors and charitable organizations. Now we receive donations from a site that provides gamblers bonus (such as free spins and no deposit bonuses) from the online casino niche for real money and we use the support of volunteers. Make your contribution to the recovery of animals we love so much.

Dental :

General Cleaning and Polishing all the way to extractions.

»    Routine Scaling and polishing
»    Extraction (major and minor)

In House LAB :

Maximizes you and your pets with blood work results within 20 mins. for most tests.
(Complete Blood count, Chemistry, Thyroid, coagulation panels, fecals flotation and cetrifugation, urinalysis)

Digial X-Ray :

Digital Radiography offer excelent clarity to your pet if X-Rays are needed.
We offer CLIMATE CONTROLLED BOARDING for any season of sky.


Heartworm prevention


Flea prevention

Frontline spray
Advantage II
K9 Advantrix II

Heartworm/flea combination

Revelution (cats)

Supplements :

»  Vitamins (Hivite, Liqui-tinic, Nutrical, Felovite
»  Senior pet supplements (Senilife, Cholodin)
»  Joint supplements (Synovi chews, Cosequin, Liquid Health)
»  Probiotics ( Fortiflora, Vetri-mega, Lactoquil)


Variety of medicated shampoos and conditioners

Prescription Diets (Royal Chain, Hills, and Purina)